Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

How I got here

I won’t start at the very beginning beginning (although you’ll probably hear about several beginnings that have occured in my lifetime if you stick around long enough). I’ll just pick up from the point of what got me back to blogging again, killing two birds with one stone since I get to catalog some things that I want to remember as I go along…

Of course looking for a job and networking is a drag so I daydream a lot in the process, and I get sidetracked. One route I went down was daydreaming about what life will be like in Laos and wanting to read personal blogs instead of travel guides or news or books-sources that are probably useful but boring. Boring because I’d rather hear about the nitty gritty things that I’ll most likely go through myself and those things are only told through the medium of someone writing about it in real time on a blog to share with family, to vent, to brag, whatever. I find them entertaining and informative fulfilling my need to know about personal experiences. Anyway…I’m a contributor to World Moms Blog which is published via WordPress.com and realized that you can actually search for other blogs that also use wordpress. So I search by topic ‘Laos’ and stumbled upon Lisa McKay Writing. Get this, she not only lives in Laos but she is also a mother of a new baby living in Laos (always a bonus to connect with other moms), and she grew up as a child of development workers, and as a psychologist by profession, she has been working with the development community around the world to study the traits and organizational structures that allow development workers to be resilient in their difficult work environments. If you know me well, then you know why I have been staying up nights panning through her full blog to come up with nuggets of new information and inspiration on a personal and a professional level. If you read this someday, thanks Lisa!

I (nerd) even read the comments posted on her blog, and through one of the people who left a comment on her post about her Resilience Research Report, I stumbled upon this inspiring video of a speech by Melinda Gates that I wanted to remember which made me think about lots of different things that I wanted to remember and that made me wonder how I would catalog all of it and it made em wonder how WordPress would be different from Blogger (which I’ve been using to post kids’ pictures for family members) and here I am! As my husband would say, ‘Those hamsters (inside my head) are at it again, aren’t they?’ Yup. They are.

What got you into blogging? Have you ever taken a long break from it and what got you back?

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2 comments on “How I got here

  1. dwharlow
    February 8, 2012

    Thanks Lisa! I say that as a published author you are entitled to make up words, classy or not. Good luck with your second book and I really do hope that we will meet one day in Laos.

  2. Lisa McKay
    February 7, 2012

    You made my morning. And I love the name Wanderlustress. Love it! It’s the sort of word I wish I’d made up, but the only word thus far I’ve actually made up is Amazturbation (to describe the obsessive checking of your own sales rank on amazon after your book is published). Yeah. Someone made up gelato, I came up with Amazturbation. We can’t all be classy, I guess. Looking forward to hearing more about your move, and maybe meeting up in person here in Laos one of these days.

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