Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

Packing Advice and Useful Travel Links

(For a more up-to-date round-up of resources, see my permanent side-bar page “Helpful Travel and Packing Info” which I maintain on a regular basis.)

We are four months away from our overseas move to Laos, close enough to start thinking about packing but too soon to sort or pack or do anything that would entail pulling things we still need out of various piles only to put them back in the right piles (if we can even remember which pile) at some later point in time (usually the panicky days just before the movers arrive). In the mean time, we keep lists – lots of ’em: lists for air shipment, lists for sea shipment, lists for ‘consumables’ (a benefit specific only to certain countries), lists for check-in luggage, lists for carry-ons (this time we’ll have two toddler-sized bags, too!), lists for lists of lists.

This isn’t our first international move, and it definitely won’t be the last. Still, I always ALWAYS want packing advice and came across some recently that I thought I would share with all of you. And although we all travel under different circumstances, there’s something for everyone among these links – for the three-day business trip, for adventurers heading out to the backcountry, for the intrepid around-the-world backpackers, and for the big family trip. See links below…

This is what bringing 6-week-old twins to live in Mexico looks like.

This is what bringing 2-year-old twins on a cross-country flight looks like.

If you’re only going to read a couple of things about packing and preparing for travel (especially for international travel), read two of what I consider to be very comprehensive guides by Legal Nomads and LivingIF who has several pages detailing packing tips and lists, as well as an extensive discussion about your preparation.

National Geographic’s ‘10 Rules of Packing‘, ‘Readers’ Rules of Packing‘ and ‘Digital Nomad’s’ guide are very practical guides by professional writers constantly on the go.

For adventure travelers going off the trampled path, here’s ‘Ultrahiker Andrew Skurka’s Nine Skills to Help You Pack Lighter‘.

And tips for ‘Packing for a Big Trip‘ with family.

For air travelers, if you can’t pay for business or first class (who can?!), and you haven’t yet racked up a gazillion frequent-flier miles for upgrades, ExpertFlyer can at least help you get a better seat (which hopefully won’t change by the time you check-in). They’ve even partnered with SeatGuru, the go-to source for detailed information about airplane seating. Bon voyage!

If you have other resources or some tips of your own, PLEASE share them with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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