Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

Waiting to “See”

I don’t consider myself a photographer but I love taking pictures. My best photographs are from my solo-travel through Africa. Of course the stunning African landscape was a generous subject. Point and shoot was all it took to capture a good photo. But being alone with a camera produced something unexpected in me as a photographer and as a person – the ability to wait for a moment to happen, to keep my eyes behind the lens and just watch without clicking the shutter, to sense what was happening around the lens to predict a reaction before I shoot. That ability to take my time and wait without feeling the need to move on from another person, and without feeling self conscious that someone else might be wondering why I’m lingering somewhere, allowed me to compose and time shots that produced results I otherwise could not have achieved.

In anticipation of our move to Vientiane in a few months I’ve been looking at a lot of photos of Laos . By far my favorite ones are photos by One Eighty Four. I love her eye for things and the finish of her photographs. It’s an art form to produce such a dreamy aura. I literally “feel” the place in her photos. And I’m reminded by her most recent post about what it takes to really “see”.

In recent years I haven’t traveled by myself and my photography these days are of two very fast moving two-year old subjects who tend to run up to the camera and poke their sticky fingers into the lens as soon as they see it. I’ve learned to foil their efforts somewhat by hiding the camera in my pocket and just watch them before whipping my camera out for a quick shot which I’m never sure made it or not. While they’re busy with their activity I’ll think about angle and light and position myself for the opportunity. I may seem like I’m looking after my children but I’m not. I’m framing a shot, waiting for the moment, which is why my husband gets totally baffled when I’m right there with our kids and one scoops dirt into her mouth or the other suddenly spills his drink. Oh well, at least we have shots of them having fun before disaster strikes.

Here are some of my favorite takes from Easter…

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2 comments on “Waiting to “See”

  1. longrunner
    April 18, 2012

    Waiting is often the key…

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