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Another Featured Photo on AFAR’s Homepage!

AFAR is featuring another photo of mine on their homepage. It’s the one that I’ve posted on this blog for a photo challenge “Unusual” (see below). This follows another previously featured photo of mine also taken in Uzbekistan.

I’m so excited and honored! I love the AFAR travel community of like minded wanderlusts. Be sure to check them out if  you haven’t already, and join their community. It would be fun to see you all there, too!

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Uzbekistan, most of my food shopping was done at outdoor markets. I really came to appreciate the social interaction and feel of community at these markets where each vendor specializes in selling only one or two types of products. This forces you so interact with so many people just to make a pot of soup. There are the onions and garlic vendor, the spice vendor, the meat butcher or the chicken vendor, and vendors for each kind of vegetable like the one pictured above. As a stranger living in a strange land with few friends and no family, the markets gave me an automatic community to interact with. My market routine became an essential part of my daily life. It was a huge shock when I returned to the United States where I could buy everything I needed at one supermarket and only have to interact with the cashier. A bigger shock was when I used the self check-out and didn’t have to speak to a soul. It literally made me feel soulless and I really missed all the vendors I knew at the outdoor markets of Uzbekistan.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

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