Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

1 Week in Vientiane

There has not been much time during our first week in Vientiane to journal all of our experiences (in various degrees of good and bad) through words or photos. In short, I underestimated our ability to adjust to the new environment and miscalculated the effort it would take to cross the “finish line”, very similar to how I had put all of my focus on reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and suffered the long difficult hike down after summitting the peak. Before leaving the US, I had put all of my energy into getting through our 36-hour journey and long flights that the past week has been a long suffering (for me) of misaligned expectations.

A view of Thailand across the Mekong River.

Today I thought it was a good idea to bring the kids to the promenade along the Mekong River for some physical activity so they could nap more easily and help get over jet lag. Well it meant going out during the hottest part of the day which resulted in a quick decline into a meltdown with all the locals around us gawking and saying out loud, “Look at the foreign kids crying!” as the nanny and I wrestled my two kicking and screaming kids into the taxi. Yet our time along the Mekong wasn’t without a fair bit of fun and healthy exploration as well as meeting my objective of a good nap – three whole hours before I had to wake them up.

Along the Mekong River promenade in Vientiane, Laos.

M says, “Sabai dee!” (Lao greeting) with the traditional “nop” hands at the statue of Chao Anouvong, the last king of the Vientiane monarchy.

Next week brings the start of 1/2 day at their new school which means a little more free time for me to deal with my own transition. My first call will be to a spa for some much needed pampering. Can’t wait!

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2 comments on “1 Week in Vientiane

  1. allthingsboys
    November 20, 2012

    Well, no matter the melt down, I’m sure the benefits were worth it!

  2. Robin Jean Marie
    August 3, 2012

    What an adventure!

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