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Toddler Tennis Anyone?

At first I thought that two weeks of school break alone with the kids was going to be a nightmare (especially when I ended up not hiring our housekeeper and nanny after their trial period), but with only two days left of solo-mommyhood of twin toddlers before they return to school next week we have actually been having a lot of fun together and I suspect that I will actually miss hanging out with them all day (except for the nap-defiance routine at midday). Each morning we would leave the house to go do things around town together, come home by nap time, then spend a quiet afternoon at home before daddy comes home.

One of the planned activities I arranged for this school break was tennis lessons two mornings a week with local tennis pro. At 2.5-years old, M&O are probably too young to start tennis but they had been used to watching my husband and I play when we were in Mexico ever since they were only 1-years old, so I thought Why Not? The pro didn’t have a problem with it although I suspect it’s because he would get paid whether they really got something out of it or not. So here goes.

On the first day, O immediately took to the pro’s instructions. Watching at first with intent, he seemed ready for a full hour session…not. After less than five minutes he sat down to eat not only his share of the picnic we had packed for afterwards, but he also ate half of M’s before coming back onto the court. M, on the other hand, was a really good listener and let the pro stand behind her to instruct her about grip and swings and watching the ball. This lasted a bit longer than O’s first try before it all turned into a free-for-all ball throwing and running around the courts. The pro tried to keep it as close to tennis as possible by instructing the kids to put the balls on the line while relaying across the court, instructions which only M managed to follow while O did whatever he pleased.

Not all seems to be lost in the brevity of their lessons or the randomness of their activities though. By our second lesson, O took a little more interest (after eating our picnic first, of course) and surprised both the pro and I with a quasi-serve move that actually got the ball over the net, albeit while standing right in front of it but we’ll take it. Not sure if we’ll continue with their lessons on weekends after school starts but I don’t really see why we wouldn’t. The price is great and everyone has a lot of fun.

Anyone interested in private tennis lessons in Vientiane from Ajan Phut (pronounced p-oo-t) can call 020-5650-4679. One-hour lessons for the kids cost 50,000 kip ($6.25).

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3 comments on “Toddler Tennis Anyone?

  1. sarah knipping
    August 30, 2012

    too cute!

  2. interiorstockholm
    August 30, 2012

    Love it!

  3. growingmuses
    August 29, 2012

    I love it! Your such a cosmopolitan mama! No matter where in the world you are. DH and I took the kids out on the courts a few times this summer. I don’t know why we didn’t go more. Our 6yo daughter loved it and wants to take lessons (if only we could find them for $6.25 it’e be a done deal!) but our 3yo son reacted more like O. Tennis is such a great, life-long activity. This early exposure will serve them well and be fun for you all in the long run.

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