Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

More Tropical Flora

Such an expected surprise how the tropical flora of this place makes me happy, something I’ve never fully appreciated during my previous years living in Southeast Asia.

I thought I’d be posting more photos of the gazillion temples that are here  in Vientiane or of the iconic saffron robed monks I see around everywhere, but maybe that’s just it. Because of their ubiquity in numbers they’ve become the background to my everyday life, so much so that I’ve have stopped to take notice. My routine merely glides by the sights and only the tourists are taking all the photos of temples and monks in Vientiane to post in their blogs.

Not true of flowers and plants for some reason for me. Maybe it’s a sign of my age, ha! At least I’m not into birds yet (unless I’m in Africa, I loved bird watching in Africa). Whatever the reason, here are two beauties from this weekend that captivated me in particular. Enjoy!


I have never seen Air Plant flowers before, and who would have thought they’d be purple!

Torch Ginger blooms.

The Torch Ginger leaves are so dramatic and tall.

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2 comments on “More Tropical Flora

  1. Dani
    October 10, 2012

    oooh I love the torch ginger! Here in India it’s the bougainvilleas, beautiful magenta flowers covering these big twisty tall trees. Forever will I associate this tree/flower with this place!

  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    October 10, 2012

    Love the flower pictures! We had a saying about all the castles and cathedrals in Europe: ABC (Another Bloody Castle/Cathedral) – it’s incredible how such amazing architecture, like your temples perhaps, become so mundance so quickly.

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