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Christmas in Bali

If we couldn’t be with family during Christmas, then I made sure we spent the holiday with friends who are like family to us. Long time friends from my Singapore days reunited with us in Bali to spend a very relaxing week together catching up and bonding with all of our kids.

The southern coast of Bali is much more crowded these days. For more space and less traffic, visitors have to go further away from the main Denpasar area and into the northern and eastern coastal regions.

We stayed in the once laid back area of Seminyak which is much more congested now. So with two young children, it wasn’t convenient for us to spend an hour or more in traffic to get out and about. Although the one day that we did sit in traffic for an hour to get from Seminyak to Nusa Dua, it was more than worth it. Our son loved the giant water slide at the Grand Hyatt. At 3-years old, we didn’t think that he could do it (or be allowed to) by himself, but he insisted and the slide operator let him as long as we agreed, so he swooshed down down down down down all by himself. Too bad I couldn’t take any pictures since I was waist-deep in water waiting for him in the pool at the end of the slide because I would have paid anything for a video of him holding himself upright (strong core!) all the way down the twist and turns in all that water. I wasn’t sure when it was his turn since I couldn’t see the top, but I could tell it was him every time from his bubbling giggles the entire way down. Once he was in view I could see the biggest smile from ear to ear with all his teeth showing before splashing into the pool. I think he was still laughing as he surfaced. Priceless moments.

There were many many priceless moments during our week with special friends in a special place. It might not have felt exactly like Christmas, but it sure warmed our hearts. Here are some snapshots of those moments…


O thinking he can surf the waves, too. – Canggu Beach, Bali


M humors me with a turn when she was in no mood for pictures. – Canggu Beach, Bali


Running around the rice paddies before dinner. — Warung D’sawah, Seminyak, Bali


The best group shot we could hope for. — Villa Arwana, Umalas, Bali


Of course we had lots of fun in the pool.


Christmas morning with lots of presents for M&O from our friends.


O with his cool new sunglasses.


M learns how to play Candy Land.


Fun with dad in the pool. – W Hotel, Seminyak, Bali


It is hard to get this girl to leave the pool.


O got lots of cuddles this week.


Running from the surf. – Seminyak Beach, Bali


Going back for more as close as they dare to get. – Seminyak Beach, Bali


It was fun until a huge wave got everyone all wet! – Seminyak Beach, Bali

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4 comments on “Christmas in Bali

  1. Jessica Paisley
    January 16, 2013

    We are thinking about going to Bali next Christmas but everything I read says the Weather is not great during that time. How was it for you?

    • Wanderlustress
      January 17, 2013

      The weather was great for us but the weeks before saw torrential rains with flooding.

  2. lidipiri
    January 2, 2013

    It might not feel exactly like Christmas? Ah, but I equate Christmas with happiness of the soul and it sure seems you had a lot of that!!!
    What a wonderful description of your kid’s slide into the pool. He will treasure it when he is older.

  3. miojocamara
    January 1, 2013

    Thanks for these great pictures. Happy new year!

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