Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers.

“Traveling As A Mom” post on WMB


“Traveling with children gives me a blank slate in which to view the world, transforming me into a teacher. I may not know everything, but the little I do know is a good enough start for filling in their little blank slates. It’s fun to answer their endless questions and watch their expressions of understanding or wonder or even confusion. I’ve traded in my wanderlust curiosity and keen observation for theirs. That amazing bundle of interaction between seeing the world through their eyes while showing them the world through mine is pretty priceless.”

Head over to the amazing global community at World Mom’s Blog to read the rest of my post.

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2 comments on ““Traveling As A Mom” post on WMB

  1. animus27
    January 21, 2013

    It’s interesting to see your comment, AussyDog. I was curious while reading this post about how parents handle traveling with children. It’s interesting to see people’s opinion. I myself am not a parent yet – I have a little ways before thinking about that – but I personally love traveling. However, I never traveled with my parents. Even today my mom gets upset for the smallest things. When I drive at night alone for example – even in some of the safest parts of the USA. That’s just how she is. I’m sure if I ever had kids and brought them some place out of the country (perhaps even certain trips in my country), she would have a heart attack.

    It’s hard to know my own feelings since I don’t think you can truly make a choice on those kinds of things until the situation actually happens to you. Though, I am more likely to not follow her views.

  2. AussyDog
    January 18, 2013

    I constantly hear parents say how they can never travel because they have kids. I think they’re missing out. I think they’re fearful and worried. But the potential good and potential lifelong learning experiences they can gain from traveling the world can never be understated. I thoroughly enjoyed this write up and I’m glad you shared it. =)

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